Company Profile

Martyn Industrials was created as a partnership in the 1980's, for the purpose of meeting our customerís requirements with supplying the correct product, to schedule, at the right price.

The partnership became a Limited Company in 1998 and Martyn Industrials Limited has continued to serve the needs of its customers, helping them to achieve their goals, within their target parameters, at a cost which benefits all parties.

For Martyn Industrials Limited to achieve this mission objective, we continue listening to what our customers and partners tell us, respond quickly to customer feedback, forge relationships with Suppliers and Customers based on trust, mutual confidence and understanding, with the objective of delivering the right product at the right time at the right price.

Martyn Industrials Limited are proud to supply products from industry-leading suppliers, and it remains our aim to ensure that the quality and integrity of our supply chain continues to meet our customers high standards

At all times we will operate with integrity, guided by what is fair and ethical for our customers. In terms of our competitors, we will compete vigorously and fairly at all times.

We operate primarily within the UK and Ireland, but we will not allow geographical borders to limit the success of our organisation and that of our customers

To preserve our aims and goals, we will actively seek customers and suppliers who operate with similar aims and ideals, to work together for mutual profit.

As an equal opportunities employer Martyn Industrials Limited will maintain a facility for aiding staff members to expand their education and training, that will benefit both their personal development and the companyís skill base. We will operate our business and premises with the benefit and welfare of our staff a high priority and aim to provide a safe, comfortable working environment wherever possible.

These aspirations and virtues remain the key to our success into the 21st century and beyond.