Interior kits

We also offer interior kit systems for wheelchair accessible minibuses, and small van or car conversions, which are cut according to your template or dimensioned drawing, and include velour soft trim, sound insulation material, and Tarabus or Taraplus flooring as required, to cover the floor and bulkhead areas.

Please see below for a typical example of how a kit is produced- this particular kit is for a Fiat Doblo wheelchair conversion.

Step 1 - We cut the velour soft trim.

Dimensions are cross checked.

Step 2 - we mark and cut the sound insulation

The pieces are carefully nested to minimise wastage

Step 3 - we cut the Tarabus flooring

Step 4 - The pieces are combined and wrapped to form a vehicle kit

Step 5 - The kits are shipped to the vehicle converter and can then be installed in the vehicle- no trimming, no waste, and reduced labour time.

Sealants and Weld Cord

We also supply colour matched PU sealants and PVC weld cord for the perfect finish to your Taraplus/Tarabus installation.

Self Adhesive

Our floor coverings with self-adhesive backing will make installation easier and save you time and money

  • ready to bond
  • no curing time
  • safer work conditions
  • easy to use

See what our customers think about the self adhesive here

Logo Tiles

Logo tiles are available in a choice of colours, with and without laminated backing, the image shown is for a Wheelchair Logo Tile.

Floor Welding/Fitting Kit

Check out our Floor Welding/Fitting kit in our brochure