Taraplus Small Vehicle Solutions

Floor coverings for mini buses, shuttle buses and ambulances

  • Hard wearing: Its unique PVC composition makes TARAPLUS resistant to scratches and it will last the whole life of the vehicle (with normal use).
  • Safety: The silicium carbide particles in TARAPLUS give it the anti-slip properties required to ensure passenger safety, even on a wet floor.
  • Health: A bacteriostatic additive in the specific formulation of TARAPLUS prevents the growth of bacteria. TARAPLUS is easy to clean and meets the hygiene requirements of even the most demanding users.
  • Easy to lay: TARAPLUS new textile backing provides optimum gluing capabilities with any type of glue. In addition, its 2m width (few welds) and its flexibility make installation easy.
  • Environment: 15% lighter, TARAPLUS new conception

Pre-cut and pre-welded TARAPLUS floor covering system according to your drawings.

TARAPLUS floor covering with self-adhesive backing.

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